About Us

 Owner & Founder Alexis Ingram Smith



Vibrant Prestige
 Is a lifestyle apparel brand with BOLD message graphic tees that reflect your personality. Our brand comes to destroy the idea of every " I " being dotted and every " T" being crossed. 
​Our goal is to inspire the vibrant woman to live out loud as her own unique, BOLD & Authentic self.

 You are indeed different.
" A vibrant woman is well aware that’s she’s hella rare… She knows that she was not made to fit in, she was created to stand out."
 What you bring and present will not make sense to many. Why?? Because you are Vibrant, Prestigious and Beyond basic.​
 Vibrant Prestige is a brand that gives the vibrant woman a place to shop where she can live out loud and profess her authenticity loud and clear with
no apologies.